How we got our Cattery name ......

Why make things easy if we can make them diffficult?

It should be Russian and it should bear relation. These were the parameters. Some names I liked, were already used. So I searched my map.

And there it was, the Jenissej. The Jenissej is a stream of 4.092 km which is located in Siberia. The name is of Turkish origin and means something like "New Water".

Since we had just installed a little stream in our garden the name seemed suitable. :-)
We searched the World Wide Web and found no entry concernig the name Jenissej and no animals with that breeding name. So we applied for the name and got it.
We were happy, but ...after almost a year we received a message.......


here are pictures of our new little stream (not ready yet)
By now even a frog belongs to to our household :-)
...that our breeding name which was registered and protected in the Netherlands, had already existed in Germany 14 years before.
If this really was true and it was protected in Germany at that time, it can possibly not be used by us in Germany. We would not want this, too.
Our breedings should have an unmistakable name.

These were our thoughts.


   the source 


Our association tried to clarify the situation. Together with our association we agreed on changing the name.
So we had to hand in two new proposals

The parameters were different now. It should be Russian, the name should start with a "J" and it should bear relation.


 our little stream in winter

View from our dining room on our railway line.

So we again searched Wikipedia, Google, and the atlas.

And there it was, our new name: Jerofej

Jerofej Pawlowitsch is a small town adjoining the Transsiberian Railway. It is a settlement of an urban type situated at the river Urka.


Since we live next to a railway line and have a little stream (see above) in our garden, I had my relation. The name started with "J" and it was Russian, too.
We liked it all. So we handed in this proposal together with another one and it was approved.


So our Cattery is called Jerofej at last.

 We hope the name brings good luck.

Map with the route of the Transsiberian railway.