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Cattery Arzan Kurgane (Germany)

here has lived Jerofej`s Babette Belinda

she is now behind the rainbow <click>

Cattery Siberian Angels (Serbia)

here lives Jerofej`s Chelsea Cecile

Cattery iz Kotbajun (Germany)

here lives Jerofej`s Franka Falmari

Cattery Koska Forest Siberian Cats (United Kingdom)

here lived Jerofej`s Nolan Noriaki

he is now neutered and has a new home with a nice family

 in Broseley/ Shropshire in England.


Cattery ZARHYA (Czechia)

here lives Jerofej`s Raphael Rigmor






The website of the new owners of Jerofej `s Andreas Artur is

by the reason of his story no more linked.


 Here lives Jerofej`s Andreas Artur

here you can read his story <click>

Here you can see Jerofej`s Birk Benedikt (Leo)
Here lives Jerofej`s handsome Henk

       Jerofej`s heavenly Hazel, Jerofej`s Jesse James

       Jerofej`s Lina Lisoba and Jerofej`s Laurin Lukian

Here lives Jerofej`s Janne Jernej

         Jerofej`s Ottilie Omara and Jerofej`s Quay Quyen

Here lives Jerofej`s Jannemieke Janka

          and Jerofej`s Pandora Perenna

Here lives Jerofej`s Tjorven Tjara


Our cats come from these catterys:

Home from our FI*Amante`s Xanadu
 Home from our Mikeö Wild Taiga CZ
 Home from our Lord Nelson Aryskotracja*PL
Home from our Britta Basniowy Sen*PL

                                                               Breeders in Germany:

       Kleine Tigertatze        vom SchloŖpavillon
       von der Gronau         von der Sannoschka
      Andokajas         Batyjewo`s
       Sibirientaigas         von Mufasa
       Cattery du Palais d`hiver         von der Ritterburg
       Neva Cat         vom Dohlenbaum
       Silky Tiger`s         von Jowanka
       Rikaja`s          vom Bambuswald

                                                  Breeders in others countries

        Nikopeja`s    (Sweden)        Russian House (Switzerland)
        Miakoschka   (Australia)        S*Stimics   (Sweden)


                                                  other breeders

 Maine Coon Outcross Cattery in Suisse


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