Jerofej     *traditional Siberian Cats*

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Welcome on our homepage.

From year 2013 we breed traditional Siberian only.

In past, in the years 2006 - 2012 we have breed Siberian cats and Neva Masquarade. Now Cattery is changed.

We dont breed for Neva Masquarade any longer. We change our cattery into traditional breeding, and say many thanks to all breeders who trust us and help us on our way

We dont breed cats in the colours chocolate, lilac, cinnamon and fawn! This colours are produced by outcross to Somali (SOM) and Sacred Birman (SBI).  In our mind this mix - cats are not Siberians and damage our breed!

We are living in the south of Hessen, in an area called Bergstrasse. More precisely, in Bensheim. We are living together with our cats, who apart from our flat have a secured balcony and garden at their disposal.

My daughter Ineke and I lead our breeding together. Other strengthening receives our team by my daughter Stefanie and her partner Johannes.

Our cats are in the online encyclopedia " Natur-Lexikon" in the portrait of the  Siberian Cat and the Neva Masquarade to see.


               You can contact us via e-mail  , give us a phone call or write to us.


         Our animals are cared for by the vetinary practice of  Tierarztpraxis Nibelungenland, Dr. Sven Zimmermann

           in 64653 Lorsch, Friedensstr. 2 b, Tel.: 06251/705640


                            and the vetinary practice Dr. Christina Nees 

             in 64823 Groß - Umstadt, Goethestrasse 5, Tel: 00496078/2216



                   We are member of  N.L.K.V.  

           Nederlandse Langhaarkatten Vereniging  





                      All photos and texts are our property and not to be used without our explicit permission.

                               Just send us an e-mail if you need something. We will be glad to help if we can.

                                                  Marion Zimmermann and Ineke Zimmermann

                                                            64625 Bensheim

                                                         Tel.: 00496251/62427